The workshop

As it was a craft workshop where design is made and where the design is born to be handicrafts. A workshop that gives name to the brand. A brand that is defined by interweaving manual work with an innovative design. It is in this space where utilitarian and decorative parts for the home are born, specifically for the bathroom and the kitchen, and always with the aim of creating useful pieces. As it was they are objects to live (the).

The workshop, located in Montcada I Reixac (Barcelona), is a spacious and very bright space whose doors are always open for what you may need. If you are thinking about celebrating an intimate event, a workshop, a networking breakfast or a chat, I will be delighted to lend you my facilities.

Slow Life Design

Often the word slowness has negative connotations. The beneficial effects of a paused, well reasoned and safe attitude remain in the background. It’s not always good to make career decisions, randomly controlled. Multitasking does not seem to be able to lead to good results; Rather mediocrity in all its facets. Even inactivity does not have to be synonymous with emptiness. The contemplative attitude integrates us in the middle and can be the refuge of the brilliant ideas that help us to grow as people.

Inspired by the slow Food movement, in recent years the slow Life Design has emerged, a philosophy that seeks to:

  • Recover the design made with MIMO and without stridency.
  • Investing in impact research and testing
  • Take into account the local and culture as a source of inspiration.
  • Retake the design focused on stability and sustainability.

As it was moving around this inspiring philosophy.

Objects to live (them)

Although the philosophy “slow” clearly marks the elaboration of my products, it is the functionality of the pieces that really marks my production. In the elaboration phase I think about the use of each one of the objects and their impact on the final consumer.

The pieces as it were are functional at the same time that they channel the MIMO and dedication with which they were created. I like to think that in some way I bring solutions to problem solving or at least moments of serenity.

Although it is not a return to the traditional, I do take as reference in my designs other times and other cultures that lack the influence of technology and continue to work in a more relaxed way.

In such as I tried to channel through the design and craftsmanship experiences and memories of my childhood in the village where the schedules were flexible and the experiences much more intense. But it is of no use if the objects remain in the showcases, we have to take out the good tablecloth, the good crockery and that set of tea reserved for special occasions. I propose to enjoy each one of the objects and therefore they are objects to live (the).