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This sushi set is carefully designed. The price includes a set: a plate, a bowl and a support for chopsticks that you can choose from in the drop-down menu. It has an elegant and sober appearance. It belongs to the aesthetic current Wabi-sabi (侘 · 寂), a Japanese concept that defines the “beauty of imperfection”. You can appreciate in the photographs the nuances that the enamel creates on this high temperature refractory ceramic (because in the oven it reaches 1240ºC).

In this sushi set I have combined the black ceramic with a bright white enamel. The enamel is intermixed on the surface of the plates, the bowls and the supports for chopsticks creating ranges between white, brown and black.

How do I make this sushi set?

Each plate is modeled by hand from plates carefully cut by a pattern. When it is still fresh, the mud is added some legs in the form of a ribbon and sealed underneath. Bowls and toothpick holders are created by molding with hands silhouettes. These are cut out of a refractory clay plate.

All the pieces have two firings in the oven. The first is 900 ºC and prepares the pieces to be enameled. The second one arrives in this case at 1240 ºC.

Recommendations for use

All the objects of TAL COMO FUE are suitable for the microwave and the dishwasher, although I always recommend treating them with the greatest possible care, because although this ceramic dish is very resistant, it is also fragile.


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