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When I think of a jeweler, memories of my childhood invade me, because as a child I loved looking at my mother’s jewelers and finding real treasures. Some had music and I was in charge of winding them, another had a picture of my father very young (of his military service) and others were simply delicate containers that contained my mother’s favorite jewelry. Those who put on every day. It was a jeweler’s plate that as an exhibitor contained its favorite rings and earrings.

I have brought that memory to the present and I have created an essential object for your dressing table. This dish with a cone where to place the rings is not only for these rings that adorn your fingers. You can also put the favorite bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Those that you wear every day.

How do I make this jewelery plate for rings?

The first thing I do is the plate, which I shape from a clay plate cut in a circle. Then I make a cone of the same clay and one to the plate. Then I have to empty the cone a bit on the bottom of the plate, so that so much mud does not explode in the oven because of an air bubble.

When it is dry I polish it with a fine scouring pad and put it in the oven with other dry pieces to bring it up to 900 ºC. It is a slow process, as the oven first rises 30 ° C every hour for 3 hours. Then 100 ºC every hour for 6 hours.

When the oven is cold (this can take 12 hours to pass) I take out the pieces, clean them well of the remaining powder and apply a layer of enamel. And back to the oven. When the oven reaches 1000 ° C this time, also very slowly, the enamel starts to bond with the ceramic. After another few hours the oven will be cold and we will have our jewelery dish ready.


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