Adrián Rodríguez

My name is Adrian and I am the Craftsman and designer creator of the brand as it was. Although I was born in León and I feel also Asturian, is in Barcelona where I formed as a professional craftsman after my passage through the Escola Massana where I studied art and design.

My beginnings are linked to graphic design and art direction in several technology companies, and it is in this mythical school of the city where I discover my passion for applied arts. I have learned from the best (Matilde Grau and Xenia Bas) and this has led me to open my own pottery workshop.

As it was it is for me much more than a workshop, also much more than a firm. It is a project, an ideal, a way of understanding life. I utensils specifically for the bathroom and kitchen. Quality and design pieces designed to be used. I seek to offer my clients a relaxing and intimate experience channeled through my products created to "Stop time and take a break".

In addition to trying to give back to the handmade product its true function (that of being used), I try to do it in a clean, sustainable and coherent way. Zero residues.

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+34 810 101 406


Carrer Alacant, 30, Local 2
Montcada i Reixac, 08110
Barcelona, Spain

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